MoonLite Crayford Focusers


I now have the pleasure to be a UK Supplier for the excellent MoonLite Crayford Focusers

I can supply the full range of MoonLite products either from stock or with a short delivery time

Please check the price when ordering as fluctuations in the $/ exchange rate can significantly affect the cost

If you require MoonLite products other than the standard CR Crayford focusers, please look carefully on the MoonLite website: http://www.focuser.com/ and work out exactly what you need before contacting me. I can supply any MoonLite product with a short delivery time but I cannot decide what you need - you have to tell me. There is lots of detailed information on the MoonLite website and they are also very helpful if you e-mail them for advice.


MoonLite CR1 Focuser         180 inc. UK delivery

MoonLite CR2 Focuser with Slow-motion      270 inc. UK delivery



Different Colour Options


13th February 2012