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Ordering Information

Please feel free to discuss any aspect of the specification of the telescope that you are interested in. I normally check my e-mails several times a day. I can also normally easily be contacted by telephone and I always try to reply promptly to any questions and enquiries.

Once you have decided on the exact specification for the telescope, I will confirm the total price and any other details you need to know.


Placing an Order and Payment Arrangements

To place the order, the specification should be sent to me by letter or e-mail together with a deposit of 50% of the total price.

Once I receive the deposit, I will send you a letter acknowledging receipt of the deposit and confirming the details of the order. I will also give an estimate of the delivery time.

I will then order the mirrors (if applicable) and commence construction of the telescope. The main part of the construction of the telescope usually can be done whilst I am waiting for the mirrors and it can normally be completed within a few days of receiving the finished and aluminised  mirrors.

The remaining 50% of the cost of the telescope is payable when the telescope is completed. Once the balance has been received the telescope can be collected or will be delivered, depending on the individual arrangements.

Payments should be in UK Pounds Sterling. I can accept cheques, cash or direct bank transfers. The only way I currently have for accepting credit card payments is through PayPal, which has high charges, so I generally avoid using this method

If you wish to use direct bank transfer, I will send you my bank account details. This is often the easiest and safest way if you are not in the UK. If direct bank transfer is used, all bank charges should be paid by the customer so that I actually receive the full amount due. This last point is primarily applicable to customers making transfers from banks outside the UK.

For customers outside the European Union, the prices do not include any local taxes, import duty, etc.



Due to the size, weight and relative fragility of large astronomical telescopes, I am very reluctant to trust them to carriers. It is expensive and time consuming to pack them for shipping, the shipping itself is very expensive and carriers cannot be trusted to treat them carefully. On most occasions when I have shipped large telescopes, they have arrived safely, but on at least two occasions telescopes have arrived damaged and one telescope was quite badly smashed-up (Thanks UPS!).

Ideally, I prefer customers to collect completed telescopes. If this is not possible, I am happy to meet half way or even deliver the telescope myself. I will normally do this for the cost of my petrol and other minor expenses.

For customers in France, I have so far met with them either in Calais or somewhere on the south coast in England. Some arrangement can always be made

Telescope Delivery Time

The delivery time for telescopes is normally approximately 4 months from the time the order is placed. As there is a considerable range of sizes, focal lengths and accuracies of mirrors available, it is not practical for me to keep all options in stock and so the mirrors are ordered when the telescope order is confirmed. Whilst the mirrors are being fabricated, aluminised and delivered to me, I can normally complete other outstanding orders and do all of the construction of the telescope that is possible before receiving the mirrors. The telescopes can then be completed and tested soon after the arrival of the mirrors. (Delivery times can be quicker if I am making the telescope around mirrors supplied by the customer).

I will give an approximate delivery time when the telescope is ordered and keep you informed if there is likely to be any significant change to this. There are occasionally delays with the delivery times for the mirrors which result in it taking longer than expected to complete the telescopes and I would request your patience if this should happen. In most cases, the delivery time will be as estimated and in the other cases it will take a little longer due to delay that is beyond my control.

Contact details:


David Lukehurst

Astronomical Telescope Maker

87 Victoria Road, Sherwood

Nottingham, NG5 2NL

United Kingdom

Tel: 00 44 (0)115 9602266

e-mail: david_lukehurst@o2.co.uk

13th February 2012