Astronomical Telescopes for the Discerning Visual Observer



With a 20-inch f/4 Telescope

David Lukehurst

David has been a keen amateur astronomer since the age of 10, and is a past President and Curator of Instruments of the Nottingham Astronomical Society. He started building telescopes for himself 30 years ago and from this he evolved into becoming a professional telescope maker. He was very impressed by the descriptions of truss-tube Dobsonians in the American magazine Telescope Making in the 1980s, especially the designs of David Kriege.

David now specialises in making his own variations of this type of large, stable, and highly portable, truss-tube Dobsonian. He has also made several large refractors, most recently an 8" f/12, and also Dall-Kirkham Cassegrains. He personally builds all of the telescope in his workshop in Nottingham