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Telescope Prices Winter 2023

Please confirm prices before ordering as mirror prices can vary.

Prices will be going up in the new year due to inflation and other cost increases.

"Standard" design is as illustrated here: Standard design

"Ultra-Portable" Telescopes are priced for the Type II. See: Ultra Portable page


Focal Ratio



Excluding Mirrors

"Deluxe" Ultra

 Portable 2

Excluding Mirrors

Inches >0.95 Strehl  >0.95 Strehl  
12 f/5 2295 1352 2595 1652    
14 f/5 3395 1856 3795 2256    
16 f/5 3995 2181 4395 2581    
18 f/4.4 4995 2571 5595 3171    
20 f/4 5995 2725 6695 3425    
22 f/3.6 8195 4121 8995 4921    
24 f/4 9995 4475 11250 5730  
 30  f/4 Ask   Ask    



These prices are all for dobsonian mounted telescopes with serrurier-truss construction made in Nottingham, UK.



Other sizes and focal ratios are available


Please see Mirrors page for details.


Mirrors are made in the UK by Nichol Optical


All telescopes are fitted with high quality dual-speed Crayford focusers (various options)


For details of "Deluxe" telescopes, please see Deluxe Range and for

 details of the Ultra-Portable telescopes, please see: Ultra Portable


Prices are for complete telescopes, but exclude delivery.

VAT: As a sole trader, I am not registered for VAT and so these prices do NOT require the addition of VAT

13th October 2023